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Security Service for the Entertainment Industry in Canada

The entertainment industry requires a unique level of security. The people in the entertainment sector have very sensitive jobs and therefore, there shouldn’t be any disturbance within the site. There are a lot of people working on entertainment sites like actors, technicians, makeup crew, IT people and various other artists. Therefore, the security of such sites, which are always brimming with people, is a very tough task. You require professionally trained officers to handle such a sensitive and responsible job.

Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. offers experienced and highly skilled professionals to provide you with the highest level of security in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, and surrounding areas. Apart from on-site security, we also offer piracy control solutions to safeguard the industry from a multitude of threats.

Our On-Site Services

The most common issues that arise in shooting locations and studio environments are stalking, trespassing and theft. Such incidents are likely to affect the mood of the crew and actors working on site which can lead to delayed projects. As we all know, the entertainment industry works on heavy budget projects and thus, these small incidents could mean huge losses. However, you can avoid these losses by simply hiring a reputed security company in Canada to provide you with exceptional security so that you can focus on your work while the security officer takes care of the site and people.

Location shooting has a unique set of threats and risk factors. Constant patrolling, along with on-site security guards, are required for such sites to prevent potential annoyances and security issues. Guards who are trained to handle large crowds are required to handle security for location shooting. The assistance of well-trained, highly professional security agents can help you stay calm during such events.

We offer experienced on-site and mobile security guards to keep your crew and sets safe. We also provide access control systems that can help you monitor all the people entering and leaving the sets. Access control is a critical aspect, especially in the absence of professional security. It can help you prevent random individuals from entering the sets. We advise that a trained uniformed security guard should be hired to avoid any troublesome situations on the shoot.

Our security officers will:

Protect the belongings of the artists, actors and the crew from theft and vandalism.

Enforce the parking rules in the facility so the parking lots and the entrances will be kept undisturbed.

Report all the instances to make things easy for management to identify discrepancies.

Control crowds using various methods and keep the venue protected from troublesome individuals.

Our security guards are also well-trained to handle all kinds of emergencies. To handle any kind of emergency, the security crew must stay alert all the time. Our security officers are always on their toes to provide you with a high level of security and strive to mitigate all dangers. They are highly professional in their work and are well-experienced to safeguard your crew from any kind of security threat to the location.

Piracy Control

One of the biggest threats that the entertainment industry is subjected to is content piracy. Every day, we hear about several such cases on the news. Video games, sports broadcasts, and premium movies are the biggest targets of pirates. At Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc., we have modern equipment and state-of-the-art facilities to identify such unethical sources and nip them in the bud. We can offer effective piracy control mechanisms to safeguard your valuable content and mitigate data vulnerabilities.

For more than 14 years, Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. has provided security services to stadiums, arenas, convention and exhibition venues, theatres and performing arts centres, recreation and equestrian venues and other specialized venues. We assure you that our security officers are so thorough in their work that no other security service provider in Canada can match the depth and range of our capabilities. Contact us to hire a team of experienced, licensed and trained security professionals.

Security for Financial Institutions

We offer comprehensive security solutions to manage the security of financial institutions.

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