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Effective Access Control Services in Canada

To help businesses provide a sense of security for all personnel, clients and visitors, Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. advises access control security services. We help you protect your facility and people working inside with access control security services in BC, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, and surrounding provinces. Our operational expertise enables us to supply a complete crowd management package to assist clients with the provisions of crowd management strategies. The management team and security officers at Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. work as a part of your event team to provide you with security, safety, and a crowd management plan that satisfies both regulatory and business requirements. 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to venue security, as no two venues are the same. Our management team has extensive experience in delivering successful crowd control services to licensed venues, licensed gaming venues and major events.


Whether you are just looking for a single security guard for your bar or need large-scale commercial crowd control services, contact us to schedule an appointment. We are right here to serve you!

Our Services

Access controls

We start by conducting a risk assessment of your venue and tailoring a strategy to suit your specific needs and situations. Our security officers identify any loopholes in your security system that may be exploited by criminals and then tailor a personalized security plan that covers all areas of your premises. They are quick to identify any irregularities promptly and familiarize themselves with the activity forms in your facility to optimize operations and stop fraudulent acts. The access-control officer is trained to properly document a situation, record all the key details, and correctly fill out an incident report.

Entrance gate machines for shops and malls entrance and exits

Machines are installed at entry and exit points to regulate the incoming and outgoing crowd. This helps in keeping a watch on the people coming and going out of your facility, along with the identification of a potential threat. These machines act as a line of defence and keep your facility and employees safe from an unwanted attack. 

Anti-collision swing gate (wing gate)

Wing gates are used by several commercial facilities for different security requirements. The blocking structures of the swing gates are very difficult to crash by passengers or small vehicles. That’s why they are one of the best ways to ensure a protective barrier and restrict unwanted entry.

Barricades for events

The steel-constructed barricade sections require only two people for easy installation. Each section is equipped with a simple locking mechanism to effectively create a secure barricade that takes only minutes to assemble. The crowd control barricade has an integral step on the rear of each barricade section for security personnel to administer additional crowd control.

Three rolls gates

The roll gates help restrict access and protect areas while keeping your view and airflow intact. These are perfect for retail applications, food services and medical applications. They come in different configurations and are fully customizable to meet the specific needs of any application. Regardless of what you need to protect, we can help you find the right solution.

Aimpoint Security

SIA Licensed Guards

We take care of the security of your building by providing you licensed guards and effective alarm monitoring systems.

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