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Customized Business Security Solutions in Canada

The one thing that is essential for any business these days is security. If you are a business owner in British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta or Manitoba, you should invest in integrated security systems to safeguard your business and property. For this, you can trust the security experts at Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. to help protect you against everything from shoplifting and employee theft to burglary and vandalism. At Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc., we specialize in the latest security solutions and technology to secure your business from any kind of threat. Our solutions include video surveillance, intrusion detection, integration services, monitoring services, fire detection and access control.

We offer a comprehensive selection of security services such as installation, maintenance and 24/7 remote monitoring for the most well-rounded security results in Canada. When you choose Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. as your business security systems provider in Canada, you will be working with a company that focuses on the safety and well-being of its clients. Our team of experienced security professionals understands the unique challenges your organization faces. We understand your needs and design customized solutions that will enable you to address these issues. We guarantee you the peace of mind of knowing that you have reliable agents protecting you against your most pervasive internal and external threats.

Our Services

Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. designs custom business security systems that are cost-effective and fit your needs. We take into consideration the size of the business, specifics of the industry, and the available budget while designing a personalized security system. Our available commercial services include:

Video surveillance

This service allows you to keep a watchful eye on your business. Our CCTV video surveillance systems are customized to meet your unique needs and requirements. Our integrated security systems include a well designed, state-of-the-art digital video surveillance system.


We give you access to process and environmental monitoring to ensure that your business and property are protected from weather-related events or any mechanical malfunction. The monitoring systems can also be used to alert the guards on duty in case of any suspicious activities via two-way audio communication systems.

Fire protection

Ensure your safety, your employees’ safety, and the overall welfare of your business with a comprehensive fire alarm system. We offer fire alarm installations for new buildings and upgrades for existing fire alarm systems. We also offer annual fire alarm system testing and inspection.

Access control

This service ensures that only the right people have access to the right places. With our advanced access control solutions, you will have full control over the security of your business. Access control systems can be used to lock down the building in the event of a threat.

Burglar alarms

Our burglar alarm systems not only protect your inventory and assets but are also helpful in making your customers and employees feel safe. Our security alarm systems help you with remote access and control over critical features. The system can be accessed from your mobile phone to arm or disarm the alarm system.

Aimpoint Security

Benefits for Your Business

We offer you a combination of top-notch business alarm systems and cutting-edge technologies to provide you with exceptional security. Our security management team will provide you with total control over every aspect of your security program. The insights will help you gain knowledge about the potential threats so that you can plan better. You’ll also have access to data that will prove beneficial in solving crimes perpetrated against your company.

If you have businesses in other cities of British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba, and Alberta, we are happy to inform you that Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. can provide the same high level of service in other cities too. We operate in about 50 cities throughout British Columbia, Ontario, and Alberta and can manage your security needs no matter where you go. You will be 100% satisfied with the consistency of our work. Contact us to learn more about our security systems and services today!

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