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Faith-Based Security Solutions in Canada

The increasing political and social unrest in the world has put religious institutions at great risk. It is essential that congregants feel safe in religious facilities to be able to devote their undivided attention to worship or service. That’s why these institutes need advanced security solutions more than ever to guard against violence, vandalism, theft and acts of terrorism. Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. works diligently to provide security solutions that can mitigate violent incidents in the religious institutions in British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, and Manitoba.

We integrate the latest technology with our world-class expertise to lend an innovative approach to total security solutions. Our comprehensive security solutions are designed and implemented to address your specific needs, help minimize risk and maximize security in a manner that is both effective and cost-effective. We would be happy to provide you with more details over a call or email.

Our Services for Religious Facilities

The security consultants at Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. practice great care and respect in visiting your religious establishment to assess the grounds, reviewing current security strategy and identifying potential threats. Religious security guards offer different levels of defence from 24-hour monitoring to scheduled patrols, after-hours watch and special event security. The guards at Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. serve your church, synagogue or mosque in uniform or civilian clothing. We offer foot patrolling as well as vehicle or bike patrolling in addition to other security services to ensure that your establishment is safeguarded inside and out. Parking lot patrolling is also a valuable security service, as it lets potentially threatening individuals know that there are trained professionals in place to defend against theft or violent attacks.

Church security guards

Because churches are often large establishments that draw a lot of people in at once, they can be easy targets for anyone wishing to steal or do harm. Especially during special events like weddings and holidays, Aimpoint church security guards will provide optimal protection for families and members.

Gurdwara, temple security guards

Gurdwaras and temples are places of worship frequented by many. These are also the places for big religious ceremonies, auspicious prayers, weddings and more. Heavy gatherings can make these religious places susceptible to thefts and other harmful activities. Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc.’s security service offers the right level of security that keeps everyone safe without keeping them from performing the rituals.

Mosque security guards

Violence and vandalism against Mosques have made headlines more often in recent years, which means that the need for security is greater than ever. Our religious security guards are familiar with the threats that jeopardize safety within mosques and are highly trained to identify and resolve such threats before they impact your community. Because your faith deserves the utmost protection, our church security and other religious security guards are available for a customized defence that will ensure that your community can worship safely and with peace of mind.

Synagogues security guards

The high holidays are a time for celebration but can attract the wrong kind of attention from those wishing to vandalize or perform violent crimes against synagogues. It is for this reason that our religious security guards plan in advance and carry out a level of defence that allows safe celebration without worry.

Create a Safer Home

With our services, from the moment you walk through the front door, you'll feel blessed and safe.

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