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Security Consultation & Investigative Services in Canada

Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. offers you investigative, security management, and legal services in BC, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and surrounding areas. As we understand the importance of a highly efficient team of legal professionals and investigators in today’s business world, we are always available to help you with the best possible solutions.

All our professionals are highly trained and experienced to help build a solid security system around you. Our efficiency aids our understanding of each client’s unique investigative and security needs, which helps us provide customized solutions to both commercial and residential clients. Hand-selected personnel and state-of-the-art countermeasures are available to mitigate risk effectively and efficiently.

Business & Management Consulting Services

Securing systems is one of the biggest risks all businesses are facing in this digital age. As security threats are increasing worldwide, it has become a challenge for companies to invest in security consulting services for businesses.

But, we offer:

Security consulting services at competitive prices to companies and corporations in different sectors, including finance, retail and industry.

Comprehensive management consulting services to help you with information that can prove critical when you make decisions to safeguard your employees, work community, assets, operations and facilities.

Information to help you establish a strong security environment that includes policy review and development, current and emerging threat assessments, and master planning.

If you already have an existing security system, we can help you thoroughly assess the program, providing expert analysis to discover any physical or financial vulnerabilities. Our security experts can then give you a detailed report of areas that need improvement and recommend practical solutions to improve your security.

And, if you are someone who is looking to implement a security system for the first time, we will help you in developing a program that will protect all areas of the company, including:

Fraud prevention training

Asset security

Building and premise security

Internal fiscal security

Security staffing and training

Alarm systems

Internal theft and fraud detection

Pre-employment background checks

Access control security guards

Labour disputes and crisis management

And more…

Schedule an appointment with us today to discuss your business security needs.

Private Investigator Services

We all like to believe that the world is full of honest and good people with no hatred or envy. But in reality, dishonesty, fraud, infidelity, crime, and corruption is a part of the world that we live in. There are times when you may face unpleasant situations like suspicious behaviour at home, work, or untraceable loved ones. In situations like these, all you need is expert advice. Our experienced professionals can help you with some crucial information that can solve your problems. When you find yourself in such stressful situations, look for private investigator services near you and you might get some help.

The right investigator can provide you with evidence, do background checks, find criminal records and help you regain control over your life. If you find yourself looking for a private investigator, contact Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. to provide you with some of the best investigators. We’ve helped many residents of Alberta, BC, Ontario and Manitoba with the answers they were looking for and will try our best to help you too.

Still Thinking?

Talk to one of our security experts to discuss a customized security plan for your commercial or residential space.

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