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Trusted Executive & Family Protection Services in Canada

One has to stay careful at all times, especially when you are in the public eye, or have a high net worth. If you are a public figure, risks are not constrained only to personal safety, but they often extend to your family or the people you care about. Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. offers highly experienced, well-presented and discreet security personnel to take care of the safety of your family and loved ones. Whether you are located in BC, Ontario, Alberta or the surrounding areas and need protection, or are visiting and require a team for the duration of your stay, we can help you. The benefits of having VIP protection is the safety and peace of mind in knowing that the client or their loved ones are taken care of and protected.

Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. will provide non-invasive and non-confrontational protection in order to prevent incidents or security risks from arising. We aim to provide you with an invaluable experience helping executives live their lives in a safe and secure environment. Our VIP protection services can include the physical protection of an individual to the protection of a company’s property or assets as well as the individual’s family. Some of the protective measures that we provide include home security systems, bodyguards, mail screening, private travel, background checks for other employees and other precautions.

Our Skilled Security Agents

The highly efficient and trained team will provide threat assessments to determine whether a risk exists and what that risk might entail. Our main concern is to get the individual we are protecting out of the situation and out of harm’s way. To do so, we offer an array of security and information services, as well as video and digital surveillance equipment to assure the best available professional service and protection. We ensure that every one of our team members has received extensive training and is certified to provide you with the highest level of protection.

Our security agents are:


Local-area experts



Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. offers a complete, start-to-finish service, including protection during a particular occasion and post-attendance safety issues.  If you want to work with a skilled, organized security company that offers competent protection with meticulous attention to detail, call us to schedule an appointment.

Hire Specialists for VIP Security

We provide effective and comprehensive professional and discreet executive protection solutions.

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