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Professional Security for Construction Sites in Canada

Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. combines the right personnel, training and technology with the responsiveness of local and site management to provide you with an effective and responsive security system. Our team starts work by understanding your specific needs and then, creates a security solution that not only meets your needs but also anticipates issues. We provide you with a customized, proactive security solution that you can trust. And if you require any changes, we will help make the transition efficient, smooth and painless. We are known to provide reliable security services in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, and surrounding areas.

We have invested in our construction site security programs by making key acquisitions to provide enhanced technical services to our customers. We help you with a holistic approach to the problems at hand and also prepare you for the future. Our professionals have deep knowledge of the industry and work in partnership with your management team to address your specific risks. We employ best-in-class tools to deliver outstanding security programs with quantifiable results.

Experience Security Services at Construction Sites

We have vast experience of addressing security concerns for construction sites. We maintain an excellent rapport with the local law enforcement agencies that allow us to work with them closely to optimize security on construction sites.

The biggest threats to construction sites include:

Theft of supplies and equipment

Work disruption caused by protesters or labour conflicts

Liability created by trespassers



We start our security planning by carrying out a risk analysis of the construction site. Our team then works on creating a site-specific security plan. We provide integrated solutions that include highly trained, licensed officers and effective security technology to address security needs, loss prevention and control.

Depending upon the security needs of your construction site, we can provide you with the following additional services:

Fire watch security

Access control systems

CCTV monitoring

24/7 remote monitoring

Mobile patrol services

Parking lot security

Perimeter surveillance

Tracking of contractors and subcontractors hours

Alarm systems

Hire Us for Effective Security

Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. offers you the latest in security technology. The advanced technology enables us to meet the needs of all of our clients, regardless of whether they are under construction or an established enterprise. Using cutting-edge technology, we provide our clients with options that can reduce costs while enhancing security. Our state-of-the-art surveillance technology can be integrated with automated access systems to help the premises remotely.

We provide customized security protection for municipal, provincial, federal government, and crown corporations across Canada. We can help you mitigate security risks, reduce theft and other losses, and sustain profitability with the help of our customized construction site security solutions. We provide the most comprehensive, reliable and professional security available for construction sites in Canada.

Advanced Security Systems for Educational Institutes

We offer CCTV monitoring, access control and many more advanced security solutions for educational institutes and research centres.

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