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Security Planning for Emergencies in Canada

Looking for a security team in BC, Alberta, Ontario or Manitoba that understands emergency planning thoroughly? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. takes emergency planning very seriously. We take a holistic approach to emergency planning and disaster preparedness, analyzing the full gamut of risks to your property and assets. Our emergency preparedness and disaster response planning services are designed to deliver appropriate response procedures for a wide range of threats,


Identified natural and man-made disasters


Our focus on comprehensive planning helps cut costs, improves efficiency, and develops actionable strategies to proactively address catastrophic incidents—all to help minimize the impact to your organization.

Workplace violence

Active shooter situations

Industrial accidents


Our commitment to protecting your people and facilities motivates us to come up with innovative solutions to help us serve you better. Contact us to schedule an appointment today. 

Emergency Response Procedures

At Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc., to ensure an effective response during an emergency, we make sure that our security guards are familiar with all kinds of emergency response procedures shared with them. These procedures provide a course of action for preparing and responding to an emergency.

The security guards are conveyed the plans that are in place, following which they are trained to respond to any sudden, unexpected action that may cause personal injury or property damage. Plans are based on the best available information, which includes the type of emergencies that may arise, as well as the extent of personal injury and property damage that may occur. These plans determine the equipment and training required to respond effectively and promptly to any emergency. Thus, when you hire us to take care of your security, we make it a point to serve you with nothing but the best.

Our Approach

Our team is committed to providing you with the most innovative emergency preparedness and disaster response planning tools available. We embrace a proactive approach, identifying hazards to your people, property, and assets before they become a significant threat to safety or business continuity. From the latest technology to the services of our experienced security personnel, we conduct the necessary due diligence to protect critical infrastructure, while mitigating the risk of litigation or penalties due to any perceived planning negligence.

The emergency planning services include:

Asset identification and valuation

Threat assessment

Vulnerability assessment

Risk assessment

Legislative and insurance compliance assessment

On-site emergency response and planning training

Development of post-incident stabilization plans

Emergency communication strategy development

Emergency procedure drill planning

Emergency and disaster preparedness guide development

Potential Role of a Security Guard During an Emergency

A security guard’s role in certain emergency situations is determined by the employer or client and should be documented before the personnel begin to work on the site. For example, the expected response to an intrusion alarm will vary depending on the employer. While some employers expect their security guards to call them and the police and await their arrival, the others want the security guards to investigate the cause of the alarm and secure the scene.

In cases of fire, the security guard is usually expected to activate the fire alarm and contact the fire department. The security guard may also assist with the evacuation of the premises, including crowd control, and provide direction to emergency personnel when they arrive. So, the role of the security guard solely depends on the wish of the employer. When you contact Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc., we will discuss your needs and will accordingly train the guards to take appropriate action.

Event Security Company

At each step, we personalize the security coverage so your event is as uneventful as possible.

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