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Experienced Team for Labour Dispute & Crisis Management in Canada

In the case of a labour dispute or workplace crisis, you need to be prepared to ensure that all parties involved know the direction your organization is headed. Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. offers you a team of professionals specialized in the fields of labour relations and crisis management, that can effectively handle disputes in the workplace and bring everything to order. So, if you are looking to hire a professional team of workers in BC, Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba and surrounding areas to take care of labour disputes and management crises in your company, contact us now.

Services We Offer

Though many employers are worried about the effect of a strike on the reputation of the organization, the disruption of normal business operations is still a primary concern. With the aim to maximize workplace safety, we manage labour disruptions in-depth, such as disputes and protests. Our specialists in labour relations have an expansive knowledge of employee rights and crisis management and can help the parties involved arrive at an amiable closure. The services include:

The services include:

Contingency planning for labour dispute

Strike management

Post labour dispute investigations

Workplace non-violence awareness

Damage and sabotage prevention

Access control and security zone supervision

Crisis management assessment and planning

Employee protection and facility safety

Comprehensive management of the labour dispute

Liaison with police services

We Help You With Strike Contingency Plans

Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. provides a comprehensive strike contingency plan to help you safeguard your business in the event of a dispute. A standby contingency plan provides you with a plan of action, and instills confidence in your business partners and clients, by making them believe that your operations will continue even if a strike or dispute breaks out.

Careful planning helps in preventing any potential labour dispute and keeps you prepared to respond appropriately at every stage of the crisis process.

A Crisis Management Team

Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. provides you with highly trained professionals who work with you to reduce any possibility of confrontation, ensuring that all people, equipment and buildings are protected. Our crisis management team usually includes the company CEO or his or her representative, a financial officer, the company legal counsel, the public relations manager, the security lead, and the human resources manager, among others. The team helps in developing worst-case scenarios and models appropriate responses. These prepare you to act proactively to handle the crisis in the best way possible. If you want to hire us to manage your company’s labour disputes, schedule an appointment.

Prevent Losses

We provide all kinds of services related to the security and safety of your business locations.

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