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Security Service Providers in Canada for the Oil & Gas Industry

Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. focuses on delivering reliable and efficient integrated security solutions for the oil and gas industry in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, and surrounding areas, including complete surveillance, staff control and logistics services, among others.

Our security teams work with clients to develop optimal, cost-efficient security solutions adapted to the unique needs of the client with the right balance of security services. We ensure the right balance of expert security guards along with the optimal integration of electronic security.

Our Security Services for Oil & Gas

We realize the significance of having security guards who know how to direct high-risk areas such as oil and gas sites in order to curtail danger. The team at Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. will work with you to create customized security solutions that combine the most appropriate services to meet your specific and changing security requirements. We incorporate technology, people and knowledge to create high-performing security solutions at competitive prices, to maximize your business’ goals. The solutions include:

Mobile patrolling

Our mobile patrol officers use clearly marked vehicles to patrol multiple client sites within a limited geographic area. They are trained to quickly respond to alarms, escort employees, and open and close business premises.

Fire watch

Oil and gas industries are prone to fire hazards at their facilities. We offer you a specialized group to expertly fight fires, handle hazardous materials scenarios, and mitigate fire hazards.

Remote monitoring

Our security team remotely monitors the facility to ensure all suspicious incidents are detected and acted upon in real-time. In this manner, trouble can be deterred before it happens. We offer you a smart combination of technology and security expertise, along with an unprecedented efficiency to help protect your facility 24/7.

Efficient security

Whether you need one guard at a reception desk, or a team of security officers to monitor your entire facility, Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. can provide the security you need with the ease and efficiency you desire. We know that every business environment has different security needs, which is why we work on developing a variety of security services to meet any client’s requirements. Contact us to create a unique security solution for your facility.

Keep Track of Parking Lots

Our access control solutions can help you control and monitor vehicle and pedestrian access lots, parkades and yards.

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