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Comprehensive Security Solutions for Financial Institutions in Canada

The one sector that may have the greatest need for reliable and responsive security is finance and banking. Financial institutions are required to have security programs that comply with all applicable regulations and are complete, sensitive, and accurate due to the presence of cash, important documents, sensitive information and other items of value. Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. delivers comprehensive security and fire solutions for all financial institutions.

We are one of the trusted security providers in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, and surrounding areas for bank security services and equipment. Our resources vary widely, from the latest ATM solutions and custom bank vaults to comprehensive electronic security systems. We are equipped to support your financial institution effectively with innovative solutions.

Our Services

The sensitive nature of financial institutions demands that the client selects the right security company from the start. This can be the key to establishing a working partnership that frees you to focus on your clients while the security company makes sure that your premises, employees, clients and valuable assets are safe. Our security team constantly monitors latest-in-security technology to be sure that we are providing the best security solutions for your needs. We offer:

Armoured truck transportation

Our reliable, highly trained armed security personnel operate the armoured trucks. For additional safety, they are monitored in real-time via our operations centres. By going with our armoured truck transport services, you can rest assured that your cash will arrive safely and on time.

Change fund service

To improve customers’ cash flexibility, we help you access a range of currency configurations with every deposit and withdrawal.

ATM maintenance

We offer secure, well-stocked ATM outlets that support cash and account management requirements on-the-go.

Vault storage

We help you with the verification of your customers so that you can process cash deposits quickly and securely. We also provide support for remote deposits to speed up currency movement between customers and end-users.

Cryptocurrency protection

We offer you high-security storage solutions for converted cryptocurrency value. This can help you protect digital assets against loss and tampering.

Aimpoint Security

Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. offers a wide range of security solutions for financial institutions. We start with a consultation and risk assessment. This helps us determine the risks and vulnerabilities that are specific to the individual facility. Our security team then creates an individualized security plan. Our security team includes highly trained and licensed security officers, supported by a wide variety of electronic security and surveillance technology.

Security Solutions for Healthcare Facilities

We offer effective security solutions for healthcare facilities and medical laboratories to help you safeguard your patients, staff and facility.

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