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Experienced & Qualified Fire Protection Staff in Canada

A fire watch service is a protection measure planned to ensure your premises are fully protected from the hazard of fire. Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. offers you experienced and qualified fire watch staff who have the potential to become intimately familiar with allocated buildings or premises. They will help you eliminate any fire risks in the building, which gives you peace of mind knowing that your people and property are safe and secure. So, if you want to hire professional fire watch services in BC, Alberta, Ontario or surrounding areas, contact us to schedule an appointment.

Fire watch services by our security agents typically include:


They perform patrols at regular intervals during shifts that cover the facility 24/7 and throughout the year.

Keeping logs

They keep thorough records of patrols and any information relevant to fire risk, such as any hazards encountered. These logs are required by the authorities and insurance companies.

Contacting the fire department

If a fire does break out, the fire watch guard will contact the fire department and provide all relevant information. Though fire watch guards are not in the business of actually putting out a fire, they will help minimize damage in the event a fire does break out.

Identifying hazards

They keep a watch and identify conditions that can increase fire risk, and ensure it is addressed before a problem arises.

Checking equipment

When the fire monitoring system is not fully functional, a trained fire watch guard can check on the condition and functionality of the alarms and fire suppression equipment available on-site.

Aimpoint Security

When Is a Fire Watch Guard Needed?

If you prevent a fire, you can avoid loss of life, damage to property, ultimately minimizing liability. It may be necessary to call upon the services of a fire watch guard in any of the following circumstances:

Construction site

There are numerous fire hazards on construction sites, especially when the buildings contain wood framing. Many local governments require a fire watch guard on-site continuously until the construction is complete and a certificate of occupancy is in hand. Compliance also cuts down on fines and down-time.

Water supply is interrupted

If the property relies on a sprinkler system, disruption to the water supply will prevent its effectiveness. A fire watch guard may be necessary to protect the property and occupants until the service is restored.

Business with a non-functioning alarm system

Whether a commercial property has not yet had a fire alarm system installed or it is being repaired or replaced, local ordinances may require a watch guard on the premises until the system is fully functioning.

Presence of extreme fire hazards

Activities such as storing chemicals can drastically increase the likelihood of a fire. A fire watch guard is trained to minimize danger in these situations.

Prevention & Detection of Fires

The detection and prevention of fires are an essential part of the duties of a security guard. The security guards at Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. will focus on handling the hazard of fire on your premises spontaneously and promptly. The quick services can save money as well as human beings working on the premises. This element increases the clientele and productivity of your business.

Whether on patrol or operating a fixed point, our security guards are constantly on the lookout for fire hazards. The guards are fully-trained and highly experienced. We guide them to possess the necessary knowledge to appropriately carry out fire watch work. Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. is competent enough to provide professional fire supervisors. Contrasting a dedicated fire watch officer, the role of a fire supervisor will be a blessing in an individual’s day-to-day activities. We are accountable for supporting the ongoing management of fire safety.

This may also contribute to the:

Safety of people

Safety of the premises and in the event of a fire evacuation.

It’s Better to Be Prepared

An accidental fire could cause you huge losses, so fire protection is important.

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