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Experienced & Trained Security Guards in Canada

Security guards are an important part of office buildings, residential complexes and event venues. If you are living in big cities, hiring security guards for safety is unavoidable. A security guard can play a vital role in the safety of your family, employees, and property and Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. can provide you with trusted security guards in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and surrounding areas.

A security guard is responsible for guarding, patrolling and monitoring areas to prevent theft, damage, violence and other unlawful conduct.

Aimpoint Security Solution Inc.’s security guards are entrusted with the following duties:

Protection of persons and/or property from theft or any other unlawful activity

Observation, detection, deterrence and reporting unlawful activity

Response to a security system alarm

Our Services

BC, Alberta, and Ontario are home to many corporate headquarters, prominent events, and famous residents. Reliable and efficient security guards help in keeping business assets, properties, and people safe. Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc.’s security guards are trained to do much more than just monitoring entrances and exits. Aimpoint Uniform Static Security Guard services also include monitoring of alarms systems, monitoring of fire alarms, performing fire watch, monitoring of building maintenance systems, surveillance, and access control.

The uniformed security guards are always prepared to report irregularities in daily activity, investigate disturbances, interact with visitors, and work with the local police and fire departments in case of emergency. With our staff guarding your site, you can rest assured that your security needs are being met.

Licenced and Certified Security Guards

Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. provides certified security guards with proper documentation necessary to facilitate professionally insured and tailored services. Not only do we bring an extensive amount of experience to work for you, but we also have all the credentials necessary to provide effective, customized service.

We can provide both BST and AST guards with handcuffs as well as OFA 1, 2 and 3. These officers are hand-picked by our President and must meet a very high standard. All of our security officers have been certified and are licensed by the Security Program Division of the Justice Institute of British Columbia.

Contact us today or fill out our online form to learn how we can serve and protect the people and properties you care about most.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Security Guard License?

You would need an authentication/authorization by the Justice Institute of British Columbia to work as a security guard. It is required by the law to get a license first before applying for a security guard job.

How Do I Become a Security Guard?

To become a security guard in British Columbia, you need to take a mandatory 40-hour training course through an authorized security services agency. Once you are done with the preparation program, you will have the option to enlist for the BC Security Guard License Exam, utilizing the Training Completion Number given to you by the organization that circulated your instructional course. The passing percentage for the security guard test is 62 %. If you pass, you can apply for a security guard license and if you fail, you can take the test again as many times as you want but you have to pay the full fee for each attempt.

Can I Renew My Security License After It Expires?

For license renewal, you must submit your license before it expires. If you fail to do so, you will have to apply for a new licence paying the new licence fee which is higher than the license renewal fee.

What Do Your Security Guards Wear on the Job?

Our guards look sharp and well-dressed in their security vests and uniform.

Is Aimpoint Guard Services Hiring?

Yes! Aimpoint Guard Services Group is always looking for potential and experienced security guards. For more information, visit the Careers page.

Why Do Security Guards Wear Uniforms?

Because it makes them easily recognizable. Having a formally dressed security person on the lookout imparts a reasonable sign to any expected lawbreakers.

On-Site Security Guards

We recruit experienced professionals and train them on the best available technologies to provide you with exceptional security services.

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