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Courteous Corporate Receptionists in Canada

Receptionists are generally the first person and sometimes the only person that visitors have contact with when getting in touch with an organization. An unorganized or chaotic reception area gives a very negative impression and puts the guest off. The initial judgments of the company are based on their involvement with the receptionist and the lobby area. Therefore, it is necessary that the management adopt certain measures to avoid unwanted negativity from the lobby desk or reception area.

The easiest way to do that is by appointing highly professional, well-dressed corporate receptionists. If you are looking for corporate receptionists in BC, Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba and surrounding areas, Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. is here for you.

Corporate Receptions at Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc.

It is essential to keep the lobby and reception areas unobstructed for the convenience of the guests and staff. So, having a professional who knows how to control access is exceptionally important. However, not everyone is trained to handle this delicate task. Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. provides you with professionals who are highly-skilled and experienced to perform all these tasks. Our professionals are trained to provide your guests with assistance in a very friendly and courteous manner.

Benefits of Hiring a Corporate Receptionist

Here are a few reasons why your receptionist could just be the most important person in your office:

Resourceful: They always seem to have the answer for difficulties that crop up at the most inconvenient of times.

Jack-of-all-trades: As they have high knowledge of the goings-on in the business, it makes them the ideal person to answer customer queries.

Enviable organization skills: They can juggle jobs and are also able to adjust the duties of other staff members when required.

Great communicators: You will never find them flustered at the ringing phone lines, email requests and people waiting at the front desk.

Experienced Security Personnel

We also offer experienced and licensed security guards for all kinds of corporate facilities. In addition to skilled corporate receptionists, the management should also hire a couple of security personnel to be positioned in these areas. The security guards can check the individuals who enter the lobby if required, which is a great way of mitigating potential threats. For additional security, you can also opt for CCTV cameras to monitor all the activities in and around the reception areas. Contact us today to discuss the necessary security precaution methods.

Finding a Good Corporate Receptionist?

We can help you recruit highly-trained, courteous and friendly corporate receptionists.

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