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Screening Services for Added Security Available in Canada

It is a good idea to incorporate screening services on your premises to prevent threats before they happen. Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. provides security screening of employees and materials as part of your overall security plan or as a temporary security measure when the need arises. These security services are a necessary security measure to prevent crimes. If you are looking for a dependable screening security measure for your workplace in BC, Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba and surrounding areas, contact us for more details.

At Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc., we offer customized security solutions for clients across the private and public sectors. Our team of highly trained and certified agents is capable of providing you with integrated security solutions that help you scan and assess employees, visitors, vehicles, packages and freight before entering or leaving the building or premises. We help you put together an efficient and effective security system in place so that you rest assured knowing that nothing suspicious would get past your security guards.

Our Security Screening Solutions

Screening solutions are a great idea if you want thorough access control over your employees or anybody entering or leaving the building. Our trained security officers take care of the security of your premises by conscientiously assessing people and their belongings, and prevent burglaries, robberies, theft, vandalism and assaults. The screening process can be a part of your daily activity and can be incorporated as a mandatory security measure. For special events or occasions when you need extra security for the premises, you can rely on us to help you with extra security checks for a set period.

Our security officers identify the most suitable screening equipment to suit your needs and protect your building from kind of crime by diligently working on improving the security without causing any inconvenience to your guests or employees. Moreover, the presence of a highly trained, visible and alert security guard/officer is integral in the prevention of crimes at any premise.

To keep your premises safe and secure, we focus on three main points:

Throughput: An assessment of how fast people can move through the checkpoint. The faster the throughput, the shorter the queues, and the happier your employees and visitors will be. Faster moving lines do not necessarily translate to compromised security.

Flexibility: We assess the ability to scale up and down depending on changes to security needs. Our screening systems are easy to install and to calibrate for quicker response.

Support: The screening service is usually part of a larger integrated security system. We may be in total control of all security aspects or work with existing security systems to ensure consistency in handling different threats.

Our Advantage

Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. provides effective security solutions for both private and commercial sectors. We hire only experienced and highly-trained security agents so that there is no margin for error in the safety of your property or people. Also, it is ensured that a strategic and effective plan is executed between our staff and the client to avoid any inconvenience.

Protect You and Your Client

A screening process in place allows employers to make more learned decisions when hiring, and possibly restrict workplace risks.

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