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Security Service Providers in Canada for Government Facilities

Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. understands that offering just the right amount of security protection for government facilities is an enormous responsibility. There are several modern-day threats that come in the way of security. We believe that the management should have proper security precautions implemented to prevent any kind of security risks.

We develop a comprehensive security plan to ensure a safe environment for your employees as well as the public in a government building and municipal corporations. Contact Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. to know more about our security solutions in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, and surrounding areas.

Our Services

Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. provides customized security protection for municipal, provincial, federal government and crown corporations across Canada.

From high-security courthouses and ports to police stations, city halls and ministry offices, we provide:

Trained security officers

Security technology integration

CCTV monitoring

Access control

Fire watch

Mobile patrolling

Specialized services

These services ensure that a safe and secure environment is maintained. Different government buildings require different levels of security solutions. Some buildings require an average amount of protection, whereas others require exceptionally tight security measures. Our trained security officers are experienced in handling the security of any kind of government facility. They work with the utmost diligence and are trained to use the latest technology to ensure proper security of your facility.

A large number of people approach government facilities every day. Many of these individuals can come with undesired intentions. Keeping a close eye on each of these individuals is a necessary measure to prevent any unfortunate incident. We help you implement a comprehensive security plan to avoid adverse situations. We offer uniformed armed security personnel to keep the facility safe from any intruders. The presence of armed, uniformed security guards offers a secured appearance to any government facility.

We understand that protecting such facilities is not a very easy task. Therefore, we make sure that our security team undergoes regular training and stays updated with all the latest security solutions. Our team is capable of creating and implementing a sophisticated security solution to prevent any threats. We also offer armed security personnel for occasions like money transfers and transportation of other valuable assets. Our armed security officials make sure that all the right security precautions are in place to ensure a safe transfer. There are many valuable assets and sensitive information in most government facilities and municipal corporations. Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. works with you to ensure the safety of these assets and information.

Security That Protects You 24/7

Our experienced security professionals are well-trained on the latest security equipment to provide you with services that make you feel secure.

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