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Integrated Security Solutions for Multiple Purposes in Canada

Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. offers innovative security solutions and products designed for protection and fast emergency responses. Whether you are a small business, a large industrial facility, a single-family home or an apartment complex, we have a solution for all your security needs. Our more than a decade long service in BC, Alberta, Ontario and surrounding areas has helped us gain the trust of the residents. We have been successful in offering all sorts of integrated security solutions in the past and strive to outperform ourselves in the future.

Our integrated system solutions help protect your loved ones and property, and having a reliable system in place will give you peace of mind no matter where you are. The systems are easy to manage with the help of a smartphone or tablet. You can manage your alarm system and wirelessly control door locks, burglar alarms, thermostats, lighting, small appliances, security cameras, and more with the help of your smartphone. Yes, it is that easy! Contact us now to discuss the best security solution for your home or office, and we will be happy to help.

Intelligent Security Video Solutions and CCTV

Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. recommends installing a combination of security cameras, access control and intercom systems to allow holistic monitoring of your workplace. These integrated systems give you complete control as to who has access to certain areas of the office building. You can also use them to monitor visitors and track employees’ working habits. CCTV cameras are an effective tool to reduce employee theft.

CCTV systems can:

Provide instant alerts when trouble occurs

Substantially reduce crime against people, theft and vandalism

Offer valuable evidence when a crime occurs

Our smart integrated security solutions offer you the luxury of intelligently linking other systems. You can link security lighting, access control, security alarm systems and fire alarm systems to have better control over the safety of your place.

Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc.’s Integrated Security Solutions

Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. offers a variety of security solutions to help you with a complete security solution. Our integrated security solutions are smart, holistic and easy to manage. Our integrated solutions include:

CCTV monitoring with the help of:

Single- and multi-camera systems

Overt/covert video and audio surveillance

Remote monitoring, recording, and intervention functionality

Our fire alarm systems have:

Sensors detecting smoke, increasing or excessive heat, water flow, gas, etc.

24-hour central station monitoring

Complete compliance with all local, state, and national certification requirements

Location access control with:

Turnkey card access

Access control systems

Code entry controls

Proximity readers

Biometric identification and screening

We also have intrusion systems that guard your property 24/7 with:

Motion detectors

Door contacts


24-hour central station monitoring

Schedule an appointment now to know the best possible monitoring solution for you.

Manage Labour Disputes

We have the knowledge, experience, and resources to provide reliable labour dispute resolution to our clients.

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