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Doorman & Security Staff for Nightclubs in Canada

People usually refer to doormen and security staff in a bar or nightclub as ‘bouncers’. That’s why the name is often attached to the stereotypical image of a towering tough-guy with a cold demeanour. At Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc., we believe this image to be an oversimplification of the job of the doorman. To be a successful and modern bouncer, one has to be more than just hired muscle.

A doorman is a valuable member of your front of house team, who is entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring the safety of the staff and guests. If your bar or nightclub in BC, Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba and surrounding areas is considering recruiting on-site security, you should contact Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. to help with some responsible guys.

Our Doorman Services

The doormen at Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. are trained to be efficient, strict and effective in their work. They possess the skills to protect your patrons and co-workers against any threat.

Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. will provide with a doorman who will:

Check ID’s to ensure everyone is the legal age

Disallow entry for those already intoxicated or acting erratically

Keep out those who do not follow the club’s dress code

Ensure that patrons are paying the cover charge

Check for and confiscate weapons and drugs before they make it inside

Monitor in and out foot traffic

Patrol the area outside the club for threats

Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc.’s professional doormen can help avoid fights in the club and can bring order to a chaotic event.

Undercover Bouncers

Some bar owners believe that the presence of bouncers will make their club seem unfriendly or uninviting. If you are worried about the same, we suggest you hire non-uniformed security. Undercover bouncers can be present inside the bar in close proximity to guests and can help maintain the safety of your patrons. We recommend you to hire uniformed security if your club has an ongoing issue with violent or unruly patrons. A visible security presence will make average patrons feel safe.

Your Planning Destination

From aviation to healthcare and residential buildings to warehouses, we provide effective emergency security planning for everybody.

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