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Top-Notch Bodyguard Services in Canada

The world around us today is not a very safe place. There are more threats than ever to the safety of executives, celebrities and other VIPs. High-profile people are always at risk while travelling within the country and internationally. Therefore, enhanced protection for dignitaries and other VIPs has become more important than ever. We can proudly say that you can count on the professionals at Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. to provide you with the bodyguard services you need in BC, Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, and surrounding areas.

We provide you with a customized security package that suits your needs. The services will be tailored to individual circumstances, with careful and thorough planning. Our management team will work with you to gain a complete understanding of your situation, as it is only after a thorough understanding of your needs that we create a top-notch and fully-customized security program that leaves no stone unturned. We ensure that each one of our team members has received extensive training, and our team is certified to provide you with the highest level of protection.

Our Services

When you work with Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. for your protection needs, you will have some of the highly-skilled, tactical security agents in the field protecting you. Our team is highly trained and has a background in advanced security and protection services.

We offer a complete range of protection services that include:

Close protection

Low profile close protection

Armed protection

Unarmed protection

Family protection

Secure transport

Residential security

Corporate campus security

Travel security

International security

Event security

Protective surveillance

And more…

Surveillance Is Good

We can help you with CCTV installations and management for better security.

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