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Expert Scheduled Mobile Patrol Services in Canada

Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. offers scheduled mobile patrol, which is one of the most valuable security services. Scheduled mobile patrol proves to be a great help for people in any bad situation until the police arrive. Our officers are well-trained and highly skilled to handle any kind of situation to keep you protected, as well as deal with any kind of security threat to decrease its impact. So, if you are looking for a dependable option to secure your premises, look no further than Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc.

Service Beyond Allotted Locations

No matter how much your business is exposed and vulnerable, routine mobile patrolling addresses many issues silently. We also provide you with external patrols, open-air security, and operating vehicles that can be managed easily. These vehicles allow the officers to move around easily and monitor various areas. Scheduled patrolling is also effective in reducing the chances of crime, as a visible security agent is often seen visiting the site every now and then.

So, we will proudly offer:

Fully uniformed mobile security guards

Marked patrol vehicles

Highly visible boards at the entrance and exit points if required

For all reasons, Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc.’s security staff is proficient to respond to a wide range of security situations. Thereupon, if any suspicious or criminal activity does occur, we guarantee a speedy and real response.

Importance of Mobile Patrol

Mobile Patrolling is one of the most affordable services. Hiring mobile patrol officers is much cheaper than hiring static security guards for the premises. Thus, scheduled mobile patrolling offers a solid visual restriction to criminals in less amount.

Another big advantage of mobile patrolling is that it is flexible in nature. As it can be scheduled for different times, it becomes difficult for criminals to take advantage of the pattern. It is only the patrol officers who are aware of the schedule, which makes the place less vulnerable to criminals.

Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. realizes that scheduled mobile patrolling can deal with any unfavourable situation quickly and easily. It doesn’t matter whether the officers are on vehicle or foot. Scheduled mobile patrolling effectively decreases the risk of any attack from wrongdoers. We can safely say that scheduled mobile patrolling is a quick, effective and affordable solution to secure your workplace.

Mobile Security Patrols

Beneficial for sites or buildings that are active during the day, but susceptible to disturbances after employees have left for the day.

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