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Trusted Hotel Security Providers in Canada

Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. has invested deeply in its ability to provide the hospitality industry with the highest level of security. Our security professionals understand and can meet the specialized security needs of hotels and other residential properties. All our security officers are screened to ensure that they possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Our in-house rigorous training program results in licensed officers who can detect and prevent any potential threats to life and property utilizing advanced surveillance techniques.

Our officers are always alert to safeguard the premises from planned acts of terrorism and detect criminal activity. We train our officers to be prepared for any kind of emergency, including fire, natural disasters, medical, and power failure, without losing sight of customer service and professionalism. If you are looking for dependable security officers in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, and surrounding areas, we are always here at your service.

Our Services

Our security guards are trained per local laws and regulations and are licensed to work in hotels and residential properties. Our team creates a customized security plan taking into account all the unique requirements of your facility.

Our security agents are trained to help you with:

On-site security

Access control

Mobile patrol services

Alarm response

24/7 monitoring of the premises

Security lighting

CCTV monitoring

Notifying building occupants in the event of a fire

Assisting with building evacuation in emergencies

Coordinating with the fire department during safety operations

Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. offers the latest in security technology. This enables us to meet the needs of our clients in hospitality as well as residential sectors. Our integrated security solutions include access control devices, fire safety equipment, and screening to improve the security of hotels and residential properties. We incorporate cutting-edge technologies in our solutions to give our clients security options to reduce costs while enhancing security.

Enhanced Security of Your Properties

We can help your management team with the security of any event being held at your hotel. Our experience in special event security enables us to provide our clients with dedicated security personnel and specialized equipment, including metal detectors, cameras and communication technology. Our customized security solutions make sure that your facility and its occupants are safe when special events are being held on your premises.

Our customized and innovative approach to total security solutions for hotels and residential properties with our world-class expertise helps us minimize risks and maximize security. We train our officers to be alert and prompt at all times, keeping the security of your building and its occupants intact. Our commitment to our clients helps us to build long-lasting relationships that enhance the welcoming feel of their facility. Schedule an appointment with us to help us serve you better with a customized solution.

Want to Know More?

Get in touch with our team to know how we can help you design a customized security plan for your facility.

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