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Experienced Security Providers for Industrial Facilities in Canada

Even a minor lapse in the security of manufacturing and industrial companies can lead to huge losses. This not only reduces the profitability of the company but trade secrets, brand image, and a company’s reputation in the marketplace are also placed at risk. Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. has vast experience in addressing security threats. We offer a wide range of security solutions for all kinds of industrial facilities. We are experienced in helping our clients meet their security needs by maximizing the security of their facilities.

Our security team conducts a thorough assessment to identify your facility's unique internal and external threats before creating a customized security plan. Contact us to provide you with a customized security plan for your industrial facility in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, and surrounding areas.

Our Services

We provide integrated security solutions with highly trained, licensed officers to provide you with effective solutions. Our security officers are qualified and experienced to address your security needs, including loss prevention and control.

In addition to our highly-trained professional agents, we can also assist you with:

Access control technology

Licence plate readers

Screening equipment

CCTV and remote monitoring

Parking lot security

Patrol vehicles

Perimeter surveillance

At Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc., we strive to offer the best possible security solutions with the latest technology. We are fully equipped to meet the needs of our industrial clients. Our advanced access control and screening technologies keep a watch on those entering or leaving the facility. Our cutting-edge technology provides our clients with security options that enable them to reduce costs while enhancing security. We offer state-of-the-art surveillance equipment that is used to enhance automated access systems.

Our customized security solutions mitigate security risks, maximize employee collaboration, reduce theft and avoid industrial espionage. We offer industrial security services that are comprehensive and reliable. Schedule an appointment to know more.

Need Help?

Get in touch with our security team over a call or email to know how we can help you design a customized security plan for your facility.

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