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Dependable Public Safety Officers in Canada

It isn’t possible to always go out in public with visible security. Sometimes all you need is security in plain clothes that can protect you without making the people feel frightened. Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. can help you manage your public safety with the help of an unarmed security guard, who can efficiently safeguard you while still providing a friendly atmosphere for patrons and a firm reminder for those with unlawful intentions. We provide public safety security officers to venues like universities, shopping malls, industrial parks, museums, parking lots, churches, and office buildings in BC, Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba and surrounding areas.

Alert and Prompt Security

The security officers at Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. are licensed and well-trained to protect you from any potential threat. The guards are responsible for the enforcement of criminal laws, traffic and parking regulations in different settings. That’s why they are familiar with law enforcement standards, as well as the institution and agency policies. Our security officers are specially trained to deal courteously with the public, identify potential threats while carrying out effective patrols and emergency procedures. They exercise a high level of professionalism and communicate effectively with clients to ensure a high level of security without giving away their role.

Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. believes that providing personal protection is an art, as no two protection details are the same. We understand that lifestyle, work, family and other considerations make each individual’s needs unique. That’s why we implement customized public safety planning to establish the optimal level of security for the individual. Our team works with you to understand your needs and then assigns a security guard who will ensure that all aspects of your protection and security are addressed.

Our public safety security officer will:

Patrol the premises and report to the local authorities in the event of any criminal activity

Enforce traffic laws and assign citations

Enforce regulations in the designated area

Restrain violators who become violent

Assist the police with crowd control

Conduct investigations of accidents, crimes, and report incidents to the authorities

Write incident reports

Respond to calls for assistance and alarms

Monitor security, inspect security systems and maintain fire extinguishers

Provide basic first aid and emergency service, including CPR

Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. strongly believes that criminals can be deterred even in the absence of armed guards. It is this reason that our public safety officers are specially trained to devise an appropriate security strategy that benefits the client in all possible ways. Our officers can effectively coordinate activities between law enforcement agencies, emergency medical response teams, fire departments, and environmental response units.

Schedule an appointment with us to create a customized security plan for your institution or facility today.

Ideal Screening Systems

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