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Reliable Concierge Services in Canada

When you walk into a condominium, the security concierge is the first person you encounter and also the last person you see when you leave. The service they provide is an essential part of the tenant or guest experience. Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. provides you with professional concierge personnel in BC, Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, and surrounding areas. Having well-trained concierge personnel will make your life easy by managing the building and its many tasks. 

Our concierge personnel receive the same training as our security guards, but with specialized residential training that includes building evacuation procedures, emergency management, customer relations, mechanical systems operation, and building evacuation procedures. The friendly, tactful and discreet concierge personnel trained for comprehensive building access control, provide you with exceptional service.

They are responsible for:

24-hour security system monitoring

Delivery management

Emergency response assistance, including alarm monitoring

By-law and complaint enforcement

Property, common area and parking patrols

Daily reporting including detailed incident logs

Tenant move-in/move-out supervision

Looking for Concierge Services?

We are here to provide you with trained professionals who have the knowledge and experience to provide you with exceptional service.

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