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On-Site Traffic Management Services in Canada

At Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc., we are dedicated to providing on-site safety through traffic management to reduce the risk of accidents or injuries. We offer security solutions for both public and private projects.

We have been providing traffic management services throughout British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta and Manitoba for many years.

We can help you with a certified, experienced traffic manager. Our traffic managers are trained to routinely redirect traffic while ensuring a safe workplace for all team members. The presence of a qualified traffic manager on site helps you prevent any kind of automotive accidents or injuries. In general, a traffic manager will help you isolate your work area away from the flow of traffic by utilizing lane closures, lane diversions or road closures.

The Benefits of Hiring an On-site Traffic Manager

Our traffic manager will:

Provide your workers with a traffic control plan to redirect vehicles away from the current work zone

Ensure that company policies and procedures are strictly followed

Complete any reports or records as required

Ensure the safety of all site workers and the general public

Coordinate and regulate the movement of people and vehicles

Protect both pedestrians and vehicles to maintain public safety in unusual traffic situations

We can design a personalized, effective and safe traffic management system to address the unique needs of your business.

We provide a wide range of professional road traffic management services, including:

Traffic assessment

Risk management

Traffic and diversion plans

Traffic flow analysis and road closure plans

Management of junctions

Traffic signs

Traffic management

Accredited traffic controllers

Spacing layouts

Traffic control

Roadside signage

Automatic light systems

Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. specializes in optimizing high-volume pedestrian and vehicle traffic flow on busy streets, at large venues, and special events. Our team comprises highly skilled, trained, and certified professionals. You can rest assured of your protection while we manage your traffic issues safely and efficiently.

Smooth Traffic Management

Our traffic management team is dedicated to providing you with the best service possible. We conduct regular training sessions for our employees to ensure they are always trained on the latest technology. We work with planning regulators and road and highway authorities to help them ensure that their site complies with the relevant regulations.

Our team can help you manage traffic efficiently during special events, by creating temporary parking locations to facilitate traffic flow and provide vehicle security. We provide you with uniformed parking agents for visible guidance. This provides motorists and drivers with peace of mind and assures them that their vehicles are safe in the parking lot. Our operatives conduct site surveys, plan for open field sites, select favourable access and exit routes, and involve the client in collaborative efforts with different agencies to accommodate their traffic requirements. We can help you with any kind of emergency by promptly implementing emergency plans to allow ambulance access for the injured. We strive to help our clients in every possible way by meeting the specific needs.

We Serve Multiple Sectors

From aviation to healthcare, our services are available for all.

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