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Create a Safe Environment for Retail Customers in Canada

Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. offers protective services and loss prevention for large and small retailers. The rise in online shopping alternatives has forced business owners to emphasize on the guest experience for brick and mortar retail locations globally. This translates into an increased focus on a safe and secure shopping environment. Over the years, Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. has expanded its presence in the retail industry by providing teams of dedicated, well-trained staff that respond to our clients’ priority needs.

In addition to providing protection to everyone inside the store, the mere presence of security officers serves as a highly effective shoplifting deterrence. Security officers can be deployed in stores standing post in uniform or can be used as undercover plainclothes store detectives. Additionally, security officers can wear a suit and tie if desired at any retail establishment throughout British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, and Manitoba.

Our Security Services for Retail Stores & Mall

Recently, there have been some extremely troubling incidents around the country, some of which have involved active shooter situations and violent occurrences at retail locations. These types of incidents require experienced, quick-thinking and well-trained security officers. Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. provides AST security officers with unique skill sets for our clients at special events and security locations.

AT Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc., we can provide a security operation, tailored to meet our client’s individual needs, and can accommodate security services, ranging from large scale events to one-person security officer operation.

Examples of these strategies and procedures include:

In-store uniformed deterrence

Loss prevention officers in plain clothes

Floor walking, store audits, bag and receipt checks

Mystery shop program

Access control

Credential checks

Crowd management

Evacuation procedures

First aid/medical management

Fire evacuation

Identification verification

Incident/emergency response

Security Officers

Aimpoint Security Solutions Inc. can provide both BST and AST guards with handcuffs as well as OFA 1, 2 and 3. These officers are hand-picked by our President and must meet a very high standard. All of our security officers have been certified and are licensed by the Security Program Division of Justice Institute of British Columbia. Discuss the best possible solution for your facility.

Warehouse Security System

Learn how to develop your current security services with our expert consultation.

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